Zaghba was stopped on route to Syria, signalled as suspect

POLICE have named two men shot dead in the terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market on Saturday, June 3. That includes a 27-year-old man arrested in the Ilford district in east London and a 28-year-old man arrested in the London suburb of Barking.

Three people on the bridge were struck and killed by the van, believed to have been driven by Butt, before the men abandoned the vehicle and began to attack people in bars and restaurants in the nearby bustling Borough Market area. "All three men involved in the attack were confronted and shot dead by armed officers within 8 minutes of the first call".

Eight people were killed and 48 were injured in the attack.

Shahid allegedly provided al-Qaida terror training to Mohammed Siddique Khan, one of the four suicide bombers who killed 52 people during London's morning rush hour in 2005.

Butt's fellow attackers were Rachid Redouane, 30, a Moroccan-Libyan pastry chef who had an Irish wife, and Youssef Zaghba, a 22-year-old Italian national of Moroccan descent who was on Italy's list of persons at risk after being held in 2016 while on way to Syria. Italian authorities alerted their British counterparts after he bought a one-way ticket to Turkey.

Police on Friday also released pictures of one of the pink-coloured 12-inch ceramic kitchen knives used by the attackers, as they appealed to the public for any information. Company officials said they had no evidence that either of the other attackers worked at any of the franchises. Nearly 50 were injured.

The attack, the third in Britain in three months involving suspects who had been on the radar of British authorities, has raised questions over the government's ability to protect Britain following cuts to police numbers in recent years.

They suggested that Butt was not "radicalised" in Pakistan, and that the family does not have links to religious parties.

Trump is quick to tweet suspected terror attacks, slow to respond to anti-Muslim violence.

He said that "I think I might have changed in a way that I'll never come here again and feel the same thing".

At about 1730 GMT, the men drove to pick up the van before heading to Zaghba's home in east London.

London's Metropolitan Police identified one attacker was Khuram Shazad Butt, aged 27.

- British authorities are anxious more extremists in the United Kingdom will try carry out attacks in the next few weeks because of ISIS' calls to surge attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

He said: "I've even heard that his family has taken his passport, and that's the reason he stayed here". Within minutes, the attackers are shot dead and another police vehicle arrives as people are seen running for their lives.

Gabrielli said: "We have our documents and conscious clear, but because we are also responsible people, we can understand the concern, the suffering and the difficulty of those who are called to manage complicated situations".

Irish state broadcaster RTE reported on Tuesday that Redouane had been refused asylum in Britain but had been able to move legally after marrying in Ireland in 2012. "If you know anything about these particular types of knives, please let us know - it could prove a crucial lead in our investigation".

  • Leroy Wright