What James Comey Didn't Say in His Blockbuster Hearing …

IL senators and congressmen for the most part put a political twist on Thursday's testimony by fired FBI Director James Comey, but agreed that further investigation should yield answers and help prevent foreign interference in American elections. "We also were aware of facts that I can't discuss in an open setting that would make [Sessions'] continued engagement in a Russia-related investigation problematic", Comey said, indicating that he would elaborate in an afternoon classified briefing.

As you have probably learned previously, Comey said that Trump asked him to drop the investigation into fired National Security Advisor Flynn, but didn't explicitly order him to do so.

The leaders of the House of Representatives intelligence committee said on Friday they've written to Comey, following the sacked Federal Bureau of Investigation director's testimony he made notes about his talks with Trump on Thursday.

The House Intelligence Committee is also seeking Comey's memos -- but wants to also hear from Comey's associates given his testimony, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., told ABC News' Mary Bruce in an interview.

Comey said neither Trump nor anyone from the White House or the Justice Department brought up the matter again, and that Trump's remarks did not impede any investigations.

'I had to call my wife and break a date with her, ' Comey said.

Comey said his distrust of Trump prompted him to take meticulous notes immediately after each of their nine discussions this year.

Daniel Richman later confirmed to Reuters he was the one to whom Comey referred in his testimony. If a person puts a gun to your head gun and says "I hope you will give me your wallet", Harris said, "hope is not the most operative word at that moment".

"I don't remember any conversations with the president about the Russian election interference", he said. "And my judgment was I needed to get that out in the public square so I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter".

The ploy worked. The Russia investigation is now being handled by a high-powered special prosecutor.

In his public testimony, Comey did not disclose any links between Trump advisers and alleged Russian attempts to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, an issue that has distracted from White House policy goals such as overhauling the USA healthcare system and cutting taxes. Instead, Rubio nearly seemed to implicate Comey as either an enemy of Trump's or as someone responsible for his own demise.

While Trump might feel vindicated, Comey's reputation as a truth-teller didn't seem to take a hit. "The Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax, when will this taxpayer funded charade end?" he wrote on Twitter on May 8. Comey also asserted there was no doubt that the Russian government directed a sophisticated campaign to influence the 2016 election through hacking of the Democratic National Committee's email system as well as through other cyber-malfeasance.

But Trump and his supporters focused instead on the confirmation that he was not a target of investigation, easing months of speculation.

Former FBI director James Comey speaks during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, Thursday, June 8, 2017, in Washington.

  • Leroy Wright