Trump election-fraud official running for Kansas governor

The disparate tax burdens stem in part from the fact that Kansas relies on sales taxes for much of the state's revenue. Brownback was unable to successfully block the bill because numerous die-hard tax cut proponents had either retired or been voted out of office, losing to more centrist candidates in GOP primaries. But late Tuesday night, the state Senate and House, both controlled by the GOP, voted hours apart to override the governor's veto and enact the emergency legislation largely aimed at bolstering school funding.

"It's a huge vote", State Rep. Steven Johnson, a Republican and chairman of the House tax panel, told NPR.

The New York Times says "Brownback's deeply conservative state turned on him and his austere approach".

"Instead of debating ways of putting Kansas on the leading edge of the economic recovery that is occurring in the United States and that President Trump is leading with new policies in Washington that are pushing and accelerating", Kobach said.

Kansas faces projected budget shortfalls totaling $889 million through June 2019.

Trump created a commission last month to investigate voter fraud following his unsubstantiated claims that millions of people voted illegally for his Democratic rival in the 2016 US election.

The spending watchdog group warned that Trump's tax plan if implemented could push the gross national debt to 111 percent of GDP by 2027, higher than any time in USA history.

Sam Brownback pushed the tax cuts in 2012 and has defended them since.

"Kansas is the sanctuary state of the Midwest".

"When you look at that picture, the full picture of where we're at now - where we would have been had policy never changed - you're still going to see the top 1 percent actually come out looking better", said the institute's deputy director, Meg Wiehe. His radical business- and income-tax cuts, launched in 2012 and 2013, were a political and economic test of how far conservatives could push supply-side economics.

Kansas paid $75,000 for Laffer to spend three days consulting with lawmakers on the state's tax plans. "Kansas did some unique things that, I think, caused the difficulties that they've had".

Kobach said the state has a huge problem with undocumented immigrants and it's affecting the state's deficit.

The plan is expected to raise $1.2 billion over two years by increasing income tax rates and ending an exemption for 330,000-plus farmers and business owners. The legislation aims to fix the state budget and provide additional funds for public schools. Probably one of the least known exhibits in the museum, this napkin, quietly hiding behind glass lest some child wandering from a school group wipe his nose on it, has on several occasions destroyed the finances of the federal government and several state governments, most recently in Kansas. The tax "principles" Trump released in April and reaffirmed in his budget proposal in May are less detailed but are likely to have a similarly traumatic impact on the Treasury. Since then, the state's bond rating has been downgraded twice.

  • Larry Hoffman