Theresa May says she'll remain PM despite calls to go

US President Donald Trump has told British Prime Minister Theresa May that he looks forward to working with her in strengthening the bilateral ties after she made a decision to form a minority government following snap polls.

Speaking on Sky News, former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith said any move to replace May would be "catastrophic".

It's unclear what Theresa May's next move will be, but pundits are suggesting she will likely strike a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party, who now hold 10 seats.

Answer: It's an unusual situation in which no political party wins more than half of the 650 seats in the House of Commons - 326 is the ostensible mark for a majority, but since the seven Sinn Fein MPs in Northern Ireland aren't expected to take up their seats in the London chamber, the threshold is more like 323. When the votes came in, Parliament was divided (or "hung") with no single party holding the majority of seats.

It is a testimony to the low expectations for Jeremy Corbyn's Labour that this result is being hailed as a victory for the party, even though it lost to the Conservatives by about the same popular vote percentage as Donald Trump lost to Hillary Clinton.

After the election, the right-wing UK Independence Party, which helped drive Brexit, was left with no seats in Parliament.

Afterwards, she returned to Downing Street to deliver a statement which did not refer explicitly to last night's election results - but stressed the themes of Brexit and security. British citizens approved the plan in a vote past year. John Kampfner, its chief executive, says that "May has seen that there is no clear mandate for the government to negotiate a hard Brexit".

Norwegian Foreign Minister Boerge Brende said the election outcome could mean a less radical split between Britain and the EU. And, it would permit Britain to make its own trade deals and control the making of laws and enforcement in its territory. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party managed to clinch 261 seats. The party has campaigned against the decriminalising homosexuality in the past and could alienate the more liberal wing of the Tory party. A key factor in enabling the Conservatives to cling to power, however, may have been Corbyn's alienation of the Jewish vote.

"What we don't need at this particular time is for any attempt to have a leadership election".

Brexit failed to emerge as a major issue in the campaign, as both the Conservatives and Labour said they would respect voters' wishes and go through with the divorce.

"For the economy, households and corporates will be concerned by the increased political uncertainty", said Azad Zangana, senior European Economist at fund manager Schroders in London. They said it could harm the Brexit talks, which are to begin in 10 days.

Brexit offers the promise of a revitalized Britain, one that is far better able to stand alongside the United States in the defense of the free world.

The result was bad news for the Scottish National Party, which by early Friday had lost about 20 of its 54 seats.

  • Zachary Reyes