The UK is 'feeling the Bern' after the general election

However, it could govern as a minority government, too.

"People in the United Kingdom, the USA and elsewhere want governments that represent all the people, not just the 1 per cent".

He says "with a weak negotiating partner, there's the danger that the negotiations will go badly for both sides".

Prime Minister Theresa May's gamble in calling a snap election to strengthen her grip on power has ended in failure.

The longtime Labour MP and avowed socialist threw off his reputation as an ineffective campaigner this time around, engaging voters and holding mass rallies, raising his profile with a good-humored, largely positive - if populist - platform.

May had unexpectedly called the snap election seven weeks ago, even though no vote was due until 2020. At that point, polls predicted she would massively increase the slim majority she had inherited from predecessor David Cameron. Were she to step down now, Mrs May would have the shortest tenure since the hapless Andrew Bonar Law. The pound lost more than 2 cents against the dollar within seconds of the announcement.

"A hung parliament is the worst outcome from a markets perspective as it creates another layer of uncertainty ahead of the Brexit negotiations and chips away at what is already a short timeline to secure a deal for Britain", said Craig Erlam, an analyst with brokerage Oanda in London.

Then, attacks that killed 30 people in Manchester and London twice brought the campaign to a halt, sent a wave of anxiety through Britain and forced May to defend the government's record on fighting terrorism. Corbyn accused the Conservatives of undermining Britain's security by cutting the number of police on the streets. "Fact, is this morning she looks bloody weak".

The result will heap pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to resign, and many consider Rudd a potential Conservative leader. During his three decades on Labour's leftist fringe, Corbyn consistently opposed European integration and denounced the EU as a corporate, capitalist body. She could do this either by forming a formal coalition with one or more other parties, which would give those parties seats in her Cabinet. The campaign has highlighted her severe deficiencies as a leader and there is no doubt that her authority in the Conservative Party has been significantly diminished. The Ukip, once a leading voice in the push for Brexit, lost all its parliamentary seats in the election.

Mr McDonnell replied: "Because we'd be able to shape our policy programme based upon our manifesto, on a set of popular policies which large numbers of MPs would support - [policies] they certainly wouldn't want to be seen to be voting against".

"UKIP voters wanted Brexit but they also want change", Farage said.

"They are fundamentally anti-establishment in their attitudes and the vicar's daughter (May) is very pro-establishment. And I think she came across in the campaign as not only as wooden and robotic but actually pretty insincere".

Among smaller parties, the pro-independence Scottish National Party is seeking to repeat its 2015 near-sweep of seats in Scotland. Over the course of the last Parliament, 196 women served as a result of the 2015 vote and subsequent by-elections. "She made the election a referendum on Theresa May and she has lost".

  • Leroy Wright