Taylor Swift returns to streaming as rival Katy Perry releases album

"Taylor Swift putting her music on Spotify the day Katy Perry released her new album is the level of petty I aim for in life".

Swift, who pulled her songs from the streaming giant in 2014, said she wanted to put her back catalogue of songs on Spotify to "thank" her fans.

Judging by the headlines Friday morning, Taylor Swift's music has finally returned to streaming services.

("Windowing" should not to be confused with "exclusives", where an artist makes their work available only on a specific service, a strategy Apple Music has prolifically chased.) Both policies were taken as affronts by Swift and her team - on the latter point, as robbing artists and their labels of control. This was to celebrate the fact that her last album, 1989 (released back in 2014) has reached 10 million album sales worldwide and also the RIAA's 100 million song certification announcement.

The only album to sell better than "1989" in the past few years has been British balladeer Adele's "25", which she held off streaming services for seven months.

Perhaps most importantly (intimations of dueling pop queen pettiness notwithstanding and not worth repeating), Swift hasn't released a record in some time.

So the question this morning is, why are Taylor Swift's albums now on Spotify?

But in any case, fans of the pop country artist should be just happy they can stream all her songs again while waiting for that new album. Valuable things should be paid for.

Six months later she struck a deal with Apple Music for her "1989" album after Apple bowed to pressure and agreed to pay artists during a free trial of its new streaming music service.

Perry has spoken out about the tension with her former friend.

"Honestly, it's really like, she started it, and it's time for her to finish it", Katy remarked to James Corden about Swift on Carpool Karaoke this May to, in part, promote "Swish Swish", a Witness album cut with Nicki Minaj, who once also went head-to-head with Swift over a private matter, but cleared the air with Taylor not too long after the mix-up occurred.

  • Salvatore Jensen