Romney: Hillary, Bush Urged Me to Take Sec. of State Job

"I spoke with Secretary Clinton, and in each case, each of them said: 'Please, please take that job, ' if it's offered to you".

Romney added, however, that he thought the president made the right choice in hiring Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, noting that his own foreign policy differences with the president were probably too numerous to make him the right fit for the job.

Speaking to a crowd who gathered at a political event in Utah on Friday, Romney said that he conferred with Clinton as well as other secretaries of state who all but begged him to take the job during the transition period immediately following Trump's election victory on November 9. But first, Utah Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of SC and John McCain of Arizona.

According to The Associated Press, Romney did not directly mention the testimony in Congress a day earlier when fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey attacked Trump's credibility.

Romney, who was criticized by Democrats in 2012 for saying Russian Federation was America's "No. 1 geopolitical foe", said Friday that he thinks Trump should have denounced Russian Federation early when its meddling in the US election was revealed, instead of continually referring to it as "fake news".

Romney says Hillary Clinton urged him to accept the position of secretary of state in the Trump administration if then President-elect Donald Trump offered it to him. Trump and Romney are seen above after their meeting in Bedminster Township New Jersey

Romney has hosted similar gatherings since 2012.

The invitation-only gathering at the Stein Eriksen Lodge has traditionally been a summit of Romney allies that mixes policy discussions and seminars with mountain outings and activities such as hikes with Romney, and skeet-shooting with Ryan and Graham.

"Overwhelmingly, I think people in this room are excited about both the legislative agenda and the agenda that's coming out of the White House". Hatch will be 84 at the time of the 2018 election, while Romney will be 71. We can do things that are good for this country, and President Trump can still be a consequential president.

I spoke to former Pres.

  • Larry Hoffman