Patty Jenkins Is Already Thinking About A 'Wonder Woman' Sequel

But that all changed with the release of Wonder Woman, and DC was rewarded in kind. Pulling in over $100 million dollars in the box office, director Patty Jenkins just shattered records as a female director.

According to the center's latest Celluloid Ceiling study, women comprised 7 percent of directors working on the top 250 domestic grossing films of 2016.

Oscar award winning actress, Lupita Nyong'o, took to Instagram to give a passionate review of the superhero film staring Gal Gadot in a lengthy caption stating that Gadot's performance "will glue you to the screen".

"Talk about a woman's touch at the box office", says Anthony D'Alessandro on Deadline Hollywood.

There are diminishing returns, to be sure, but so far it looks like Wonder Woman certainly isn't among them.

With a budget of $150 million, the newest DC movie was the most expensive to ever be directed by a woman.

Warner Bros' Wonder Woman has received positive reviews worldwide and has been the highest grossing film of a female director for the first weekend. There's something iconic about. the story of Wonder Woman that's hitting the zeitgeist perfectly.

As for opening weekend revenue - which is a flawed but important metric on which to gauge success - Wonder Woman's debut raked in an estimated $100.5 million in North America.

But the "Wonder Woman" phenomenon speaks to more than money: Her origin story, with red-and-gold-booted feet planted in mythology and World War I, stands tall as an empowerment tale for our times. The film cost just under $150 million to make.

In fourth was another Disney production, "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2", at $9.7 million.

Wonder Woman, that Amazonian warrior-princess last in the spotlight in '70s, lassoed the zeitgeist.

This is notable record, considering women directors helmed just 7 percent of the top 250 grossing films a year ago and an early summer of dismally performing blockbusters so far.

  • Salvatore Jensen