Parents Of Accused NSA Leaker Afraid For Their Daughter

NBC, CBS and ABC's newscasts largely ignored the myriad tweets from victor - highlighting her radical left-wing beliefs - with the intention of making her seem apolitical, bolstering the validity of the Trump-Russian meddling narrative.

"I think they're going to try to make an example out of her because of the political climate right now", Billie Winner-Davis said.

The Air Force veteran charged with leaking classified intelligence to the media will plead not guilty, according to her lawyer.

Victor was taken into custody last week.

Winner's is the latest in a string of cases involving breaches at the National Security Agency, a super secret code-breaking agency still smarting from Edward Snowden's 2013 disclosures of its global surveillance programs. Davis said she became a linguist, speaking Arabic and Farsi, and spent four years assigned to the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Jake Swearingen, a technology writer for New York Magazine, said victor made her own missteps by printing the documents in a way that could be tracked and mailing them to The Intercept.

Her swift arrest Saturday by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents - even before the document she allegedly stole was posted on news website The Intercept - follows Trump's bitter complaints about leaks from U.S. probes into Russia's attempt to tilt the 2016 election in his favor.

The explosive report Klobuchar is referring to comes from The Intercept, who published a "highly classified intelligence report" leaked by NSA contractor Reality Winner. They were accepted, Clarke says, but neither the Obama administration nor Trump administration appears to have implemented them.

Victor hopes to be out on bond Thursday.

"She's not a flight risk", said Gary Davis, Winner's stepfather.

Solari said victor also confessed to her mother during a recorded jailhouse phone call, saying: "Mom, those documents".

Winner-Davis told Cooper on Tuesday that if her daughter did what she's accused of, "I know that she's ready to pay the price".

Davis said she received a commendation for aiding in the deaths of more than 100 enemy combatants and more than 250 enemy captures.

The indictment alleges that victor, a former Air Force linguist, leaked the confidential information in May 2017 while employed at private contractor Pluribus International. In a call to her mother Sunday night from the Lincoln County jail where she is being held, victor said she was in trouble because of "those documents", plural, Golari said.

If Winner was that careless with top-secret documents, she definitely deserved to be caught, no matter her intentions. While I understand that certain information must remain classified, protecting our election infrastructure requires information-sharing with the federal, state, and local officials who are responsible for overseeing and administering elections. She said that during one of her jailhouse phone calls, which were recorded, victor said she planned to "play that card: being pretty, white and cute".

Investigators said in court records that they wanted to search her property for a variety of computer information as well as possible contacts with media outlets as well as any possible contacts with "foreign governments, foreign powers, or agents of foreign powers".

Since then information has been few and far between, a much different feeling for mother who's used to hearing her voice every week. "I am so scared", her mother said.

"Downright frightening?" defense attorney Titus Nichols responded.

Her parents say their biggest fear is Reality will not be given a fair trial. Saying she could be a "pretty white girl" is not evidence she's a threat to anyone.

"The polygraph should've picked up something", said Christopher Burgess, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer who writes about national security issues.

And in an angry reply to a report that Trump said he wasn't hearing complaints about building the Dakota Access oil pipeline, victor wrote on Facebook: "I'm losing my mind".

"We really don't know the full extent of what she's been charged with because we don't know the content of the documents that she released".

The charge, willful retention and transmission of national defense information, could bring victor up to 10 years in prison.

  • Joanne Flowers