Jerry Seinfeld explains Kesha hug snub

But based on the internet's knee-jerk reaction to his icy response, the comedian (who still doesn't get why its a big deal) made a decision to offer an explanation. Then as Kesha walked off, Seinfeld told interviewer Tommy McFly: 'I don't know who that was'. They should have their own life that I don't know anything about.

That's the takeaway Jerry Seinfeld supplied in a new interview slamming the famous family - and reality stars in general - for putting a product on TV that doesn't measure up to classic comedies of the past.

Seinfeld explained the hug, saying he didn't know who she was while admitting he's not exactly comfortable embracing strangers.

"I got to start somewhere ... hug isn't first moment of a human, two humans". "I never did that". But he added that she still didn't get a hug.

The awkward incident happened on the red carpet at the David Lynch Foundation's National Night of Laughter and Song when Kesha asked Jerry Seinfeld not once, not twice, but three times for a hug, declaring her admiration for him.

"Thanks to all the fatherhood supporters who attended the Fatherhood Initiative lunch today for my fantastic wife's Good+ Foundation and to MR PORTER for putting it together", Seinfeld posted.

So it appears Jerry Seinfeld isn't much of a hugger, and he's not quite up to speed on all of today's pop stars. "I can't see who's watching".

"She was very nice about it", he said.

Don't worry, Kesha; you're not the only woman that Jerry Seinfeld apparently feels standoffish toward.

Seinfeld also talks to the website about his parenting style, revealing that he prefers to let his children have their privacy and tries not to get involved in their school or social life.

  • Salvatore Jensen