Apple refreshes MacBook and MacBook Pro at WWDC 2017

Professional users need roadmaps for planning purposes, and it's beginning to look like Apple is accepting that.

The iMac Pro has been designed keeping in mind the necessities of professionals who need to work with extensive amounts of data sets and use cases, which require enormous processing power and memory capabilities.

This was a long overdue, important move from Apple. This article also stated that this was the first "major" GarageBand update in several year; Apple typically puts out bigger GarageBand for the Mac about once a year.

After unveiling the refreshed iMac desktops and MacBook Pro, AMD's Senior Vice President and Chief Architect disclosed the benchmark to the public.

Likewise, the displays on the new MacBook Pros aren't any different, but still serve up a gorgeous picture.

It's finally here. And it costs $129.

All new MacBook Pro's will now come powered by Intel's newest Kaby Lake processors.

There was no word on the Mac Pro. Speculations arise that a new 2016 MacBook Pro will be debut this week at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 in San Jose, California. Instead of white, the upcoming iMac Pro would come in space gray enclosure.

So good news all around, right?

The iMac Pro won't be the only Apple device getting discrete graphics.

With the 10.2 update, users can now easily navigate through GarageBand projects, adjust levels and play instruments from the MacBook Pro's dynamic function row. Apple says it's the firm's "best display ever" and it shows: with a blinding 500 nits of brightness spread across all 14.7 million pixels. Of you. With donkey ears. This iMac comes with Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. Used to select context sensitive keys, emojis, or scrub through video, it remains the same as previous the Touch Bar on last year's range, but you must pay extra for a Pro with this feature. There was a cheaper, wired option for $49 - until yesterday.

Apple has also been working on the design of the iPad Pro, and there's a reason that the 9.7-inch model is now obsolete. May we interest you in the $129 option?

The iMac Retina 4K 21.5-inch model also has a new lower price of $1,299, while the non-4K 21.5-inch starts at $1,099 and the 27-inch begins at $1,799. Under the hood is an all-new centrifugal cooling system with two fans to draw heat away from the system's Xeon processor, which you can configure with eight, 10, or 18 cores. As Apple had recently started their assembly in India, these prices are going down for sure in the future.

  • Arturo Norris