'Wonder Woman' blasts to top of U.S. box office

Wonder Woman's stellar opening weekend success 'saves the day, at least for now, for the summer box office, according to Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for comScore.

It was only appropriate that a superhero movie as empowering as "Wonder Woman" would be directed by a woman, and now Patty Jenkins has managed to make history with her film having the largest opening weekend ever for a female director.

Jenkins edged out the previous record held by "Fifty Shades of Grey" director Sam Taylor-Johnson, whose film had an $85.2 million opening.

In Hollywood where money talks, there's belief the film's massive response might finally end the traditional apprehension around female-led superhero blockbusters - not to mention, female leads and directors.

More than half, 52%, of the film's audience this weekend were female - a significant number for a genre that has been dominated by men. Words like "obliterating" or "demolishing" are more apt, given the film's record-setting $103.1 million U.S. opening and its badass, empowering message.

Dergarabedian said several factors contributed to the strong weekend performance, including a great release date, flawless casting and widespread acclaim.

So successful was Wonder Woman in her first weekend that she managed to best a few notable male superheroes.

Given the way Deadpool nearly immediately changed the superhero landscape following its own record-breaking run at the box office, you can bet studios will be scrambling to capitalize on the success of Wonder Woman as well.

The exchange took place on Twitter and Chris Hemsworth did not take a long time to say, "I think Wonder Woman would kick the c **" ... Given all of that, it would be natural to assume Pine won't be back in the sequel, but this is a comic book superhero movie; anything is possible. Wonder Woman added $122.5 million United States internationally, including $38 million United States in China.

According to the numbers provided to IANS by the production banner behind Baywatch, the film released in India on Friday across 948 screens, and its gross box office figure is Rs 10.1 crore.

  • Zachary Reyes