United Kingdom police release people arrested after London attack without charge

The videos were published before the Metropolitan Police made three further arrests in connection with the attack.

Police said they were trying to identify the third attacker.

Khuram Butt, one of the three terrorists who attacked London Bridge on Saturday, was possibly on police bail at the time of the attack, the Times reports Thursday citing a security source.

Police had been investigating whether others knew of their plans to attack central London on Saturday night, first driving into pedestrians and then stabbing people drinking in pubs and restaurants at Borough Market.

Butt was known to the security services, but there was no evidence of "attack planning" by him, according to Scotland Yard.

In fact, Butt was one of the main characters in a television documentary called The Jihadis Next Door.

Counter-terror agencies are already facing intense scrutiny after it was revealed another member of the terror gang, Khuram Shazad Butt, 27, had been known to security services.

Police said they had to prioritize resources on suspects who were believed to be preparing an attack or providing active support for one.

As interior minister from 2010 to 2016, May oversaw a drop of 20,000 in the number of police officers in England and Wales, which her main opponent, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, said should never have happened and warranted her resignation.

Corbyn also vehemently denounced a series of tweets by President Trump in which the USA president mischaracterized comments by London's Muslim mayor and used the attack to press for a presidential travel ban now being weighed by the Supreme Court.

The authorities are still working to identity the third attacker.

Police shot and killed the three attackers, who were wearing suicide vests that turned out to be fakes.

A Canadian, a French national and a Briton were among the dead, while other French people, a Spaniard, Australians and a New Zealander were among the 48 who were injured in what Prime Minister Theresa May called "an attack on the free world".

May hit back that Corbyn himself was weak on the issue of terrorism.

All 10 people still being held as part of the investigation were released without charge on Monday.

The Islamic State militant group, which is losing territory in Syria and Iraq to an offensive backed by a United States-led coalition, has claimed responsibility for the attack. Police said he also used the name of Rachid Elkhdar and a different date of birth that gave his age as 25.

  • Zachary Reyes