UK voters prioritize security in wake of attacks

If there is no runaway victor it could mean Britain is heading for a hung parliament.

Brexit led to Camerons resignation past year and Mays selection by the Tories as their leader.

People cast their vote in the General Election at a polling station in the Rotunda Boxing Gym in Liverpool, England, Thursday, June 8, 2017.

However, two terrorist attacks in Manchester and London that left 30 people dead in the weeks leading up to the vote shifting the emphasis to security, with police cuts during May's six years as home secretary seeming to erode her lead in the polls.

Police have increased security at polling stations, including patrols by armed officers in some areas, following the recent terror attacks.

Obtaining an overall majority is seen as an election victory.

The first results in todays poll are expected to pour in before midnight local time with the final results declared by the Friday afternoon.

Some votes have already been cast, through postal voting, which accounted for 16.4% of the total electorate at the 2015 general election.

On election day in 2015, the exit poll correctly predicted that the Conservatives would win a shock majority.

Most polling stations are in schools, community centres and parish halls, but pubs, a launderette and a school bus have been used in the past.

Polls close at 22:00 BST, but officials say anyone in a polling station queue at this time should be able to cast their vote.

The weather forecast is for some rain in south-west England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales on Thursday, with south-east England remaining cloudy and dry.

The odds seem to be in favour of May holding on to her job as the British Prime Minister who called for snap polls 52 days ago.

The counting is underway and it's just a matter of time before the victor is officially announced.

And the result of the election will shape this country's future as the outcome looks set to define the nature of Brexit negotiations with the European Union.

Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn appears to have been given a boost in spite of his own party's fractiousness.

This forecast is echoed in the almost 100 million pounds expected to be bet on the outcome of the polls.

Safe Labour seat Houghton and Sunderland South have been the first constituency to declare in the past five elections.

No. Voters are banned from discussing the merits of candidates or parties inside a polling station.

Brexit is expected to be the central factor behind voting patterns.

Her subsequent reversal on the policy undermined her boast that she would provide "strong and stable" leadership, as did her refusal to take part in a TV debate with other party leaders.

"Brexit is the basis of everything".

But for some people, it's a little bit more exciting.

  • Salvatore Jensen