UK Exit Poll Suggests PM May's Election Gamble Has Backfired

Among some of the heavyweight losses of the night include that of former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg losing his Sheffield Hallam stronghold to the Labour party, while fellow party colleague Vince Cable - who had lost his seat in a shock result in 2015 - has regained his Twickenham seat with a solid majority of 9,762.

"At this time, the country needs a period of stability".

"My resolve is the same that as it has been. Whatever the results, the Conservative party will remain the party of stability".

When May called the election seven weeks ago, she was seeking to capitalize on opinion polls showing that the Conservatives had a wide lead over the opposition Labour Party.

"Politics has changed and this is people saying they have had quite enough..." "I'm not sure that we should read, from the results of this vote, that Britons' sovereign decision on Brexit has been cast into doubt in any way".

Spectacularly punished by voters who took away her majority in parliament, a politically wounded Theresa May sought to soldier on Friday as Britain's prime minister, resisting pressure to resign after the failure of her high-stakes election gamble made the massive challenge of untangling Britain from the European Union only more complex and uncertain.

The senior Conservative source blamed the party's over-dependency on the tight messaging demanded by election guru Lynton Crosby for failing to endear May to voters tired of elections and rattled by two militant attacks in as many weeks.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Menzies Campbell said the poll results showed Mrs May's Brexit strategy had failed and insisted his party would be reluctant to make deals with other parties.

The final result in the polls would mean that a deal will have to be done by any party who wants to form a government and the Conservatives will be given the first chance as the single largest party. He told ITV: "If this is correct we'll have another general election soon".

Investors worry that a minority Conservative government would be weaker in Brexit talks, which start on June 19 and are to last for at least the next two years.

The official exit poll traditionally released by United Kingdom broadcasters at 10pm when the polls close has a history of being fairly accurate in terms of the final picture that emerges once the results are declared.

In Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), a natural ally of the Conservatives, said it would negotiate with the Conservatives if they fell short of a majority, as both parties had common ground.

As the United Kingdom wakes up to the news of a hung parliament, bookies are predicting the country will have to go to the polls for a second time in 2017.

Her poll lead shrank over the course of the campaign, during which she backtracked on a major proposal on care for the elderly, opted not to debate her opponents on television and faced questions over her record on security after Britain was hit by two Islamist militant attacks that killed 30 people.

Such an outcome could result in a hung parliament, although votes were still being counted on Thursday night.

Voting systems, also known as electoral systems, are the method by which we elect representatives. The first officials results were expected before midnight, with a final result likely to be announced early Friday morning Washington, D.C., time.

  • Zachary Reyes