U.S. mayors and governors defy Trump, will stick to Paris agreement anyway

India has hit back at US President Donald Trump, after he accused the country of receiving "billions" of dollars in return for signing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

However, on Thursday, while addressing a media conference at the White House, Trump said that there were no meaningful obligations for the world's "leading polluters" and that it is time to "exit the Paris Accord". The historic 2015 climate deal, which includes almost every country in the world, set goals to limit greenhouse gas emissions in order to help curb the rise of global temperatures. However, none of this is enforceable, and these pledges are voluntary.

"Bangladesh would continue its efforts with all friends and partners around the globe to mobilise domestic and global resources to address the grave threats posed by climate change", read the statement. Some island nations are already having their land go underwater as rising temperatures drive the Arctic to melt at an increasing rate. "I am sure the USA will rethink its decision", he said. This is, in part, why the U.N.is looking to them to fill the fund. We signed it due to our commitment to protecting the environment.

The home minister said it had to be seen in what circumstances the U.S. president made the statement on the Paris accord. The Paris agreement is a hard-won result which represents the broadest consensus and strong political will of the worldwide community, and sets a target for the global campaign against climate change. We remain committed to meeting the standards set forth in the Paris Climate Agreement because it is the right thing to do for not only the future of our state, but for the future of our planet. "DE is proud to join this coalition of states providing that necessary leadership". And this has also explained why Trump's decision was widely thought to be a momentous setback, in both practical and political terms, for the global efforts to address climate change.

"President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement was a tremendous mistake. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.", Musk said in a tweet.

"The Paris deal hamstrings the United States", Trump said.

"It will be up to the American people to step forward-and in Virginia we are doing just that", said Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

  • Carolyn Briggs