Trump Addresses Infrastructure, Health Care in Ohio

Trump is headed to OH on Wednesday to talk about his desire to invest substantially in rebuilding America's roads, bridges, waterways, and airports.

As the White House tries to shift the focus back to Trump's legislative agenda, the president traveled to the Rivertowne Marina in Cincinnati to argue his case for efforts to fix aging levees, dams, locks and ports, as well as his larger public works aims.

"More than half of the American steel produced in this country is produced within 250 miles of where we are right now and they need an inland water system they can depend on to ship their goods", Trump said.

During his remarks, which lasted about half an hour, Trump framed his plan as a way to make good on his pledge to put "America first", saying expensive US entanglements overseas have distracted the country from its goals of spurring job growth.

"We spent a lot of time together", Trump said, referring to his first foreign trip as president.

Trump is speaking at a marina overlooking the Ohio River.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Eric Walker, in a statement, went after Trump and congressional Republicans for "sabotaging" Americans' health care so they can cut taxes for the rich.

Mostly, though, Trump used a decent amount of his speech to say hellos.

The two families standing behind Trump were from OH and Kentucky.

The president said the two families were "giving voice to the millions and millions and millions of Americans who are going through turmoil", according to a pool report.

Mr. Withrow said before ObamaCare, his business could easily absorb premium increases of 5-10 percent, but under the Affordable Care Act he saw prices skyrocket 30 to 50 percent to insure his employees. "It also means that infrastructure that can't be built with tolls, like repairing our crumbling schools, for instance, will likely get left behind".

Trump made infrastructure a focus of his presidential campaign. The main goal of his OH trip was to promote his plans for new investments in infrastructure.

USA inland waterways are mainline routes for transporting agricultural products, but officials say they've fallen into disrepair.

"We are a nation that created the Panama Canal, the transcontinental railroad., and the Interstate highway system", Mr. Trump said.

Trump said that as long as he is president "we will never have outside forces telling us what to do and how to do it".

He delivered a speech after Anthem announced that they were pulling out of the health care exchanges in OH, due to prohibitive costs to the company.

The president also plans a speech on his push to spur infrastructure investments using public-private partnerships.

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said at a Senate hearing on Wednesday that administration plans to unveil a detailed legislative proposal by the end of September. Trump was holding a series of meetings on June 6 with members of Congress, but they're all Republicans.

"We're getting rid of regulations and streamlining approval processes, expediting environmental reviews-thousands and thousands of big, big jobs, thousands of them are being approved rapidly", Trump said.

  • Zachary Reyes