This adorable Police dog got fired for being too friendly

This is Gavel, a German Shepherd who was recruited as a puppy to train as a police dog - but ended up getting the sack.

If you want to be a police dog, you've gotta be a bit tough.

Instead of tackling suspects or sniffing out explosives, Gavel preferred belly tickles and cuddles from strangers.

The puppy, named Gavel, was found to be not fit for objective, in the most adorable of ways.

According to BBC, it was quickly discovered that Gavel did not quite fit the profile as a police dog, as he was described as "too sociable".

It's an huge pressure and responsibility to take a bite out of crime, especially if you're a law enforcement K9. In February, he posted Gavel's "Contract of Employment" for his official title of Vice-Regal Dog at Queensland's Government House.

But the pup had made a good friend, who helped him land on his feet: the governor of Queensland.

Gavel is now the "vice-regal dog" at the Queensland mansion, the official home of the Queensland governor.

On that day, the residence's staff heard from a large number of visitors about about Gavel's popularity, prompting a Facebook post documenting his year-long journey from police academy drop-out to official member of the governor's household.

The Brisbane Times Gavel reported that a spokesman for the Office of the Governor stated that Gavel had become a "valued and much-loved" part of the team.

  • Salvatore Jensen