Sean Spicer Says President Trump Considers His Tweets 'Official' White House Statements

Christie, who had been an early endorser of Trump's White House campaign, said Tuesday that that he believes the president's Twitter use sometimes "hasn't been in his best interest", CNN reported.

"Well the president is the President of the United States, so I guess they're considered statements by the President of the United States", he said.

"The president is the most effective messenger on his agenda", he said, adding that tweeting has served Trump well during last year's presidential campaign.

U.S. President Donald Trump is defending his frequent 140-character messages on Twitter, saying it's his way of reaching the public without his words being filtered through traditional news outlets.

But on Tuesday morning, Trump - the president himself - tweeted defiantly that his use of social media is the way he delivers his "unfiltered message". It is the most important social media account operated by the US government or a USA government official right now. Trump even called his proposed restrictions on travel from six Muslim majority nations a ban. Spicer usually holds the White House news briefing.

Even before winning the presidency, Trump was a prolific Twitter user and boasts nearly 32 million followers.

Trump's tweets have become the target of mockery for his opponents.

The findings, which echo those of an April survey of millennials, came as the president faced pushback over his tweeting from Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and 2016 GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina.

GORKA: It's social media, Chris.

"Then what it says is, if I haven't seen this tweet before, take the text from this tweet and push it through this image library, this image processor, to get the nice format and then post it back onto Twitter".

"We have a press secretary who is being constantly undermined by his boss's tweets, and we have surrogates who say they can't speak for the president". But they are the most direct window into the President's thinking. It's not an executive order. "But at the same time I do think that the media obsesses over every period, dot". When faced with the platform as Trump's preferred method of communication, Conway said "that's not true".

  • Larry Hoffman