Qatar Nationals Not Allowed to Board Flight to UAE, Says Etihad

QATAR is talking to Iran and Turkey about securing food and water supplies to stave off possible shortages two days after its biggest suppliers, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, cut trade and diplomatic ties.

Qatar's ministry of defence said in a statement that there has been no upgrade in the level of military preparations, according to Al Jazeera on Thursday.

The skyline of Doha, Qatar, is seen at night in 2013.

Moscow on Wednesday, June 7 dismissed allegations that Russian hackers helped spark the diplomatic crisis around Qatar, after CNN reported that United States officials believed they planted a false news story, Reuters says.

CNN reported late Tuesday evening that Russian hackers planted a fake news story on Qatar's state news outlet that contributed to the developing diplomatic crisis, citing USA officials who said the hacking was apparently aimed at causing "rifts among the US and its allies".

Qatar is home to a key US airbase, a centerpiece in the USA -led coalition's fight against the Islamic State.

Saudi Arabia and allies - including the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt - cut diplomatic ties with fellow Gulf Cooperation Council member Qatar on Monday over allegations that Doha supports extremism.

CNN reported on Tuesday that USA officials believed Russian hackers were behind the planting of the fake news.

Riyadh has accused Qatar of backing terrorism and extremism, while Bahrain has charged Qatar with interfering in it internal affairs.

U.S. President Donald Trump said Tuesday that Middle Eastern leaders complained about Qatar when he demanded an end to support for radical ideology that encourages terrorism.

Trump also encouraged unity in the Gulf region with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud during a telephone call on Tuesday, the White House said.

While U.S. defense officials have so far downplayed the impact of the diplomatic spat on the base, some security experts are anxious a further deterioration in U.S. -Qatari relations could jeopardize the Pentagon's ability to use the base.

On Tuesday, it denied allegations of Russian government hacking after revived claims in USA media that Russia committed cyberattacks meant to influence last year's United States presidential election in favour of Donald Trump, who had vowed to improve relations with Russia.

  • Leroy Wright