Preet Kaur Gill Elected as First Sikh Woman MP in British Parliament

Gill, who is a Labour party candidate claimed an emphatic victory, taking 24,124 votes, a majority of nearly 7,000 ahead of the Conservatives' Caroline Squire, up 10 percent from 2015.

The first female Sikh MP has been elected to the Houses of Parliament.

Preet Kaur Gill, 44, held Birmingham Edgbaston for Labour with 53.3% of the vote. The Labour Party candidate won the seat by polling 34,170 votes and defeated Conservative Party candidate by almost 17,000 votes.

Another first in the elections, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi pulled off a victory for Slough seat to become Labour Party's first turban-wearing MP.

It was heralded as "victory for Sikh representation in the United Kingdom parliament". Both the Sikh candidates, Gill and Dhesi - are from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. The Labour National Executive Committee's (NEC) interview panel had replaced Stuart with Gill on April 28. "Labour now needs to turn its attention to having visible Sikh representation in the House of Lords at the first opportunity so Sikhs are better represented and can bring fresh thinking and ideas", Sikh Federation UK said in a statement.

"I am delighted to have been chosen as Labour's candidate for Birmingham Edgbaston."
She has been writing for many nationally and internationally acclaimed e-magazines and news portals including The Huffington Post, (United States) among others. The snap elections called on by UK PM Theresa May in order to prove her stronghold and to take control over Brexit negotiations said that that it is time for to provide stability.

Early indications on Friday said the move may have backfired, with her Conservative party on track to lose its majority.

  • Leroy Wright