Patty Jenkins Still Not Signed On For Wonder Woman Sequel

"You made this movie what it is and your love and support for this character and for myself are not to be taken for granted", the actress continues. Wonder Woman is her first break into acting and she is set to appear, so far, in the two upcoming 2018 films Extinction, directed by Ben Young, and Holmes and Watson, directed by Etan Cohen. Jenkins had to fight her Warner Bros colleagues to keep the No Man's Land scene - one of the best scenes in the entire movie - in the film. Maybe he and Wonder Woman can recreate the iconic scene at the pottery wheel from the movie Ghost. However, don't get out your torches and pitchforks just yet, because she'll be negotiating a deal to direct very soon. The action packed origins story of the famed comic book superhero raked in more than $103 million in the United States, on its opening weekend.

The growing success of this superhero film teases the possibility of a Wonder Woman 2 sequel. Now that Diana's childhood and transition into the human world has been taken care of, the opportunities for the next chapter in her story are pretty much wide open.

"Hey you guys, it's me, it's Gal", she begins.

Last week, ahead of the historic opening weekend box office for Wonder Woman, a report surfaced that director Patty Jenkins was already signed to return and helm the sequel, as was star Gal Gadot.

Then, her agent called her to tell that she would be playing the titular role of "Wonder Woman" to which she reacted shockingly and said, "Oh my god!"

For Dingwell, and many fans like her, Wonder Woman is one of the few superheroes they can relate to.

"Wonder Woman" was directed by Patty Jenkins and had its screenplay done by MI native Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg.

Globally, Wonder Woman raked in over $US250 million ($330 million) since opening on June 2, easily recuperating the picture's $US200 million ($265 million) outlay.

  • Salvatore Jensen