North Florida mother gives birth to 13-pound baby

Babies that are this big are also typically born to women with gestational diabetes (a form of diabetes women sometimes develop during pregnancy), which Chrissy says she had.

Carleigh's doctor said in the past couple of years, babies have been born with a higher birth weight, due to an increase in diabetes.

Carleigh's father, Larry, of Keystone, told USA Today he could hear doctors saying "oh my gosh", as they delivered his daughter.

"When the baby was coming out, I was like, 'is this baby ever going to end?'" Dr. Eric Edelenbos chuckled.

"They're both doing great now", the dad said of his wife and baby.

Chrissy likened the size of her baby Carleigh to a toddler's and has already bought her outfits meant for a nine-month-old.

'It looked like they pulled a toddler out of my belly.

"She's just filled with rolls", she said. She's clearly happy and healthy, but had a slight challenge early on.

When asked if she will be adding to her family Ms Corbitt said "I'm done, I'm done, no more babies for me".

The parents say their baby girl is "gorgeous".

"I'm so happy I was able to meet and hold this mini celebrity ― she was such a flawless model during our session ― so gorgeous and squishy!"

Her husband described the pregnancy as "rough" due to Christine's anaemia and experiencing a kitchen fire at their home previous year. Carleigh remained in the NICU for some extra time while her blood sugar levels were checked. The Corbitts say a number of media outlets have contacted them about Carleigh's large entry into the world, but ActionNewsJax officially gave her her TV debut.

  • Julie Sanders