NJ bill for Medicaid would soar by $810M under Trump Obamacare repeal

Because the Medicaid program is a federal/state partnership, it offers states much more leeway for structuring something like this.

While many Americans are waiting for the upcoming Senate vote on the president's American Health Care Act, attendees at the Iowa Hospital Association on Wednesday discussed its potential impacts at the annual summer leadership forum. In it, they point out how hard it is to anticipate when one might need health care, the great difficulty knowing the costs for such care, and finally the unrealistic expectation that supply and demand will work much like the purchase of other material goods.

But Secretary Price did not mention the estimated 150-to-200 thousand people who lost coverage in Tennessee during the TennCare restructing in 2005, some even camping out in then Governor Phil Bredesen's office for a short period.

"Children and families in small towns and rural areas will be disproportionately harmed by cuts to Medicaid", said Joan Alker, one of the authors of the Georgetown report.

His comments came amid continuing turmoil among ruling Republicans in Washington, where in the Senate the GOP has a narrow 52-member majority in the 100-member body as it seeks to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, former President Barack Obama's signature health care law. When the governor wanted to reform New York State's Medicaid system, Gresham and 1199 had a seat at the table.

Should the state not pick up the extra costs, about 374,000 New Jerseyans would lose their health coverage due to the Republican reductions, according to New Jersey Policy Perspective. That person now pays nothing, thanks to Medicaid. Who could have seen this coming?

At a meeting with congressional leaders at the White HouseTuesday, Trump cited the fact that a major insurer was pulling out of OH as proof that the Affordable Care Act was failing. While it's not etched in the proverbial stone that the Republican-led Senate will follow suit, if they pass the repeal of the ACA unchanged it could leave the more than 1 million NY residents who obtained insurance through Obamacare without health insurance.

He said that from the late 1990s until about a decade ago, Tennessee's TennCare program, the state's version of Medicaid, was a walking illustration of an unsustainable program.

Medicaid expansion was supposed to reduce emergency room visits. And Medicare spends only about two percent of its costs on overhead contrasted with private costs at about seven percent.

Under the House-approved measure, IL is projected to lose $40 billion over the next decade for Medicaid, which helps pay for health care for the poor and disabled, the Democratic lawmakers wrote.

For instance, in 2015, the 85-and-older set accounted for 22.4% of all "older Americans" enrolled in Medicaid; by 2050, that number will reach 33.7%, according to U.S. Census projections. The Georgetown study found that Colorado's rural areas saw substantial decreases in the uninsured rate for both kids and adults in rural areas that coincided with Medicaid expansion.

  • Larry Hoffman