Next iOS update will not be available to iPhone 5 owners

This should help assuage the concerns of users suspicious of apps like Uber tracking their whereabouts, even when they are not using the application. In this post, we'll run down five of the most sought-after iPhone features that Apple still hasn't addressed in iOS 11.

Since it's unveiling at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, everyone is wanting to get a hold the new version of iOS.

To make multitasking even better and easier now Apple has also added the drag and drop functionality to iOS.

It's unknown whether or not this was simply unintended or a new feature but thankfully iOS 11 is now in developer mode and won't be released to the public until sometime this fall.

"The latest iOS 10 beta, iOS 10.3, has a pop-up that informs users using old apps that 'this app will not work with future versions of iOS, '" reports BGR.

On iOS 11 the component is named Offload Unused Apps. However, some older apps will no longer work afterward. However, he believes that Apple will need to do some "meaningful improvement" to Siri in order to "avoid user frustration", although he added that the company is moving in the right direction on the music-centric commands that were demonstrated at WWDC. And Apple has already foreseen the downside to such a speedy refresh rate: reduced battery life. Previously, this setting was only accessible to Apple developers.

One thing I'll admit is that having such features on a mobile device like an iPhone is certainly something else. AVG lets you know which apps on your phone are slowing your device and draining your battery.

The other two top charts, top paid and top free, are still found in the updated layout but the top grossing tab, which ranks apps by the revenue-generating power of their in-app purchases, is nowhere to be seen.

IF YOU'RE STILL ROCKING an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C, it might be time to throw it in the bin.

Apple junkies now have the option to activate the location tracking only while using the app. In short, Siri will now be able to look into your apps and deliver more context-sensitive and customised suggested actions. The feature will also send an automated reply to your "favorites" if a driver receives a message while driving.

The first iOS 11 beta is showing off yet more features beyond those mentioned by Apple during the firm's keynote address at WWDC on Monday.

  • Arturo Norris