'Manspreading' is now a no-no on Madrid's public buses

NY was one of the first major cities to openly campaign against manspreading on public transportation, when in late 2014 the "Dude, please stop the spreading" campaign was birthed by the MTA.

Complaints have also been raised by non-feminists about bag spreading, i.e., those public transit commuters who take up the seat next to them with shoppings bags, purses, and the like.

According to reports the city's transport corporation has released a set of stickers depicting a male figure with his knees spread eagle, accompanied by the slogan "Respect others' space".

The new sign shows a cartoon man with his legs spread sitting on a metro seat. The EMT has not specified a fine for those who persist in their manspreading behavior.

"The new icon is similar to those already existing in other transport systems around the world to indicate the barring of body posture that bothers other people".

The women of Madrid have been petitioning for months to have the issue addressed, creating a change.org campaign and hashtag to call attention to manspreading. Earlier this year, one group, Mujeres en Lucha, started a campaign #MadridSinManspreading (#MadridWithoutManspreading). "The mission.is to remember the need to maintain civic behaviour and to respect the space of everyone on board the bus", its information said.

NY was the first prominent city to campaign against manspreading on public transport in 2014, though the issue was reinvigorated in Spain this year when the left-wing CUP party demanded an end to what it called an "exhibition of machismo and a micro-aggression". (Admittedly the NYPD took it a little too far when they arrested at least two subway riders for manspreading).

In a move that's left many women wishing their own cities would do the same, the city of Madrid has banned manspreading on public transportation.

Essentially, if you have your legs wide open and are taking up more than one seat in a public area you are guilty of manspreading.

If you plan on traveling to Madrid and a number of other busy metropolitan, keep those legs closed unless you want to get manshamed.

  • Zachary Reyes