MA medical pot dispensary selling marijuana pizza

A MA dispensary is taking marijuana edibles in a new direction.

Pot pizza on the menu so to speak at a MA medical marijuana dispensary. Customers love the new way of taking drug, which does not involve eating sugary products. He further said that the pizza is served by the dispensary to the customers in frozen format and it contains 125 milligrams of marijuana compound tetrahydrocannabinol, (THC) in the form of Tomato sauce.

The cannabis-infused pizza has found favor with patients looking for an alternative to marijuana-infused candies.

The facility, which originally started at the dispensary's Quincy unit three weeks back, has already witnessed a worthy amount of praise from the items' vast number of consumers.

Director of Operations Seth Yaffe said to the Boston Herald: 'I think people at first are kind of blown away that it is one of the better frozen pizzas that they have had, and the fact that it's medicated is pretty exciting for them. This is a great substitute for it.

The company has a whole range of products that are infused with the marijuana, so that patients can incorporate the drug in their day-to-day meals easily. Yaffe feels that this new innovation made by him and his associates will heal the pain of direct medication of Marijuana to a majority of the patients. The company runs a lab, kitchen, and even a marijuana growing space. According to Yaffe, some of their top sellers are peanut butter, honey and olive oil.

On a busy day, Ermont attends to nearly 200 to 300 patients with its products. For instance, all the products have labels for safe dosages, along with child-proof containers. People do need a state issued medical marijuana ID to buy them and they don't come with toppings.

  • Joanne Flowers