London terrorist on bail at time of attack

Three men last Saturday rammed a van through crowds of pedestrians on London Bridge, before attacking revellers with knives, leaving seven dead and 48 in the hospitals. He and the two others were shot dead by police.

Citing intelligence sources, Italian dailies Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica said Zaghba was met at the Bologna airport by Italian intelligence agents each time he arrived in Italy to visit his mother after his initial run-in with Bologna airport authorities on March 15, 2016. "How can you say something sensible about things that are absolutely senseless?" "And this happened in England, absolutely".

Valeria Khadija Collina said her son Youssef Zaghba, an Italian national of Moroccan descent, told her he wanted to go to Syria to start a family in a religious Islamic climate - not to fight.

This year, she said, he was an intern at Eman Channel in London, working as a sound technician at the TV station. Collina had finally left when he had announced his intention to take a second wife, she said.

At least two of the men were known to British intelligence and law-enforcement officials, raising questions about whether anything could have been done to prevent the assault.

He was stopped at the Bologna airport by Italian airport police in 2016 as he was trying to board a plane bound for Istanbul. Italian officials said suspicions about him had been shared with British authorities. He was also stopped at London's Stansted airport in January, but let go.

"If there was any point in asking for forgiveness, I would do so".

"According to him IS, whatever they are doing killing innocent people, he says it is quite justified".

London police say they carried out a controlled explosion as they investigated two unattended vehicles near the new US embassy, but say the incident is now over and is "not terrorism-related".

She said: "I couldn't get hold of my son and realised he may have had something to do with it".

Collina said didn't answer the phone the following day and that she had been unable to contact him through a friend who also lives in London.

He said: "I haven't seen it because the gym is not for Muslim people. But I did my best, and I think he was worn down on the inside", Ms Collina added.

The new arrests come after British security authorities released names and photographs of three suspects who were involved in the heinous incident.

Breaking down in tears, Nasir Dar said he felt like the victims were his family, British media reports said.

"Now more than ever we need to work together to stop the actions of the mindless few who claim to be acting in the name of Islam".

The emergence of the video comes as the attackers' families expressed their disgust at the actions of the three men who killed eight people, including two Australians, Sara Zelenak, 21, and Kirsty Boden, 28. They had a young daughter.

Zoghba, who had studied computing at Fez University, was born and brought up in Morocco.

"As soon as his name was circulated by the media, as a suspect, in the bad attacks witnessed in London, we immediately contacted the police". Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and others have criticized May for cutting police numbers by roughly 20,000 during her tenure as home secretary. Police have made 25 arrests for hate crime offences since the attack. "It's as if I were ashamed to say 'I'm also a mother, I'm also suffering'".

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