Labour Wins Marginal Seats As UKIP Votes Drop

Reuters picLONDON, June 9 ― Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives will fail to win a parliamentary majority in Britain's election, according to an exit poll yesterday, a shock result that would plunge the country into political turmoil and could delay Brexit talks.

The initial exit poll predicted the Conservatives, traditionally favoured by markets as pro-business and fiscally prudent, would win 314 seats in the 650-member Parliament and the Opposition Labour Party 266, meaning no clear victor and a "hung parliament". "Whatever the results, the Conservative party will remain the party of stability", she said.

Even if the exit poll has underestimated the number of Conservative seats, as it did in 2015, and the party ends up with a slim majority, May will be so weakened that she may not be able to keep her job.

"In Hackney, they have supported our Labour campaign which was a positive campaign addressing the issues that concern people here in Hackney". "I'm a natural pessimist, and we'll see whether I'm an optimist in the morning, " he said.

"If the poll is anything like accurate, this is completely catastrophic for the Conservatives and for Theresa May", former Conservative Treasury chief George Osborne told ITV.

"Clearly if she's got a worse result than two years ago and is nearly unable to form a government, then she, I doubt, will survive in the long term as Conservative Party leader", former Conservative Treasury chief George Osborne said on ITV. Punters do not appear to have learned their lesson in Britain's 2017 snap election. The exit polls suggested that her ruling Conservatives fell short of the 326 seats needed to win a majority in Britain's 650-seat Parliament.

An exit poll after Thursday's general election forecast that May would lose her overall majority after calling an election that she meant to strength her grip on parliament.

The Conservatives could potentially turn for support to Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), a natural ally, who won 10 seats. Before the election the Conservatives had 330 seats and Labour 229.

Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell also warned against reading too much into the prediction, saying: "We have to have some scepticism about all polls at the moment".

Two anti-Brexit activists pose with their hand-puppets depicting Theresa May, left, and Britain's Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, during a protest, in front of the the Houses of Parliament on election day in London. "That's what we have seen tonight".

The pound dropped as much as 1.9% to $1.2709.

Having been reelected with over 40,000 votes, Mr Corbyn said: "This election was called in order for the Prime Minister to gain a larger majority in order to assert her authority".

The pound fell sharply after an exit poll in Britain's election forecast that the Conservatives would fall short of a majority in parliament, raising the prospect that the country might not have a clear victor or strong government as it starts its negotiations to leave the European Union.

But things didn't go to plan.

"UKIP voters wanted Brexit but they also want change", Farage said.

After the terror attacks in Manchester and London, which killed 30 people and forced the suspension of campaigning, security became the focus of the debate.

"She is a damaged Prime Minister whose reputation may never recover".

Last Saturday, three assailants wearing fake suicide vests mowed down pedestrians and launched a stabbing rampage around London Bridge, killing eight people before being shot dead by police. Before the election, five people died during a vehicle and knife attack near Parliament on March 22.

"I don't think that's in the hearts and minds of Londoners at the minute, (not) almost as much as security is", said Sheard, 22.

  • Leroy Wright