Ivanka ridiculed for 'silent disagreement' with Donald magazine cover

The source told the magazine that Ivanka was "disappointed" in her father's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate deal and had advised him not the leave the Paris agreement.

Ivanka Trump is in a bind. Instead, you learn of Ivanka's "disappointment" at some of her father's decisions, like pulling the United States out of the most important worldwide compact on global warming. The title unintentionally highlights just how flimsy Ivanka Trump's brand as a mainstream voice in her father's White House is. As noted by Business Insider, the story is a collection of quotes from an "insider" who claims that Ivanka does not agree with everything her dad says, and is not an interview with the First Daughter. Ivanka comes across more her father's partner in crime than his adversary.

Now, memes are circulating online using the headline "Why I Disagree With My Father" alongside pictures of famous characters with poor father figures - from Luke Skywalker to Tyrion Lannister.

The magazine's cover did what it could to buttress Ivanka's reformer image/struggling brand.

"Why I disagree with my dad", the cover declares in all caps.

Less than three months ago, American Media Inc. -publishers of the nation's OG fake news rag known as the National Enquirer-announced they were buying competing tabloid US Weekly.

  • Salvatore Jensen