IL lawmakers OK school funding overhaul amid gridlock

State Officials expressing frustration today after lawmakers failed to pass a budget by Wednesday's deadline. Andy Manar, D-Bunker Hill, said his colleagues have "produced a result that we are quite proud of as a caucus and we believe this is the best way to move forward as a state". Nelson told them he was a driver for the ride-sharing service Uber and that his passenger stabbed him, police said.

Madigan said Democrats have asked repeatedly in recent weeks to meet with Rauner and negotiate, but have not yet gotten a response.

In addition, IL has more than $14 billion in unpaid bills and has faced numerous bond downgrades.

Midnight tonight was to have been the Legislature's deadline for approving a budget and a host of other issues. That's because starting Thursday, passing a budget will require at least some Republican votes to reach the three-fifths benchmark now required.

With the time running short to avoid sending the spring session into overtime, the top House Democrat budget negotiator said everything remains on the table, including another short-term plan that Gov. Bruce Rauner has said he will not accept.

The feeling of disappointment seems to be the common thread among them.

The House was meeting in committees Tuesday night to discuss more legislation. "Unfortunately, Governor Rauner also shows no appetite for reasonable compromise that true leaders need in order to do their job", Foster wrote.

Cullerton had worked with Republicans in the State Senate to produce a budget.

"Everyone has got to keep telling our story and I really think that's what we're just trying to do is to go up there and tell them our story so they understand the effects that not having a budget really has on school districts". We're going to start to see downgrades. Harris made it abundantly clear that if there was a shortage in revenue to the tune of some 2 to 3 billion dollars, there would be no choice but to cut down even in key areas such as public schools, higher education and human services. Not that we haven't tried. It should have come to head tonight, but it didn't.

SB9, and other proposals like it, served as a warning sign for businesses in the state, business leaders said.

"He hijacked the grand bargain", Senate President John Cullerton said. There's a glimmer of hope for a budget.

Immediately, news releases began flooding media inboxes casting blame, Speaker Madigan writing in one of three news releases sent within minutes of each other, "The governor's reckless strategy of holding the budget hostage to create leverage for his corporate agenda that pads the profits of large corporations and insurance companies has for the third year left IL without a budget at the end of the May legislative session".

  • Larry Hoffman