Guardian Bashes 'Wonder Woman' for Not 'Upending the Patriarchy'

With so much at stake, thank Zeus that Wonder Woman didn't fall into the same trap as its DC Extended Universe predecessors.

Lebanon is officially in a state of war with Israel and has boycotted Israeli products for decades. She served two years in the Israel Defense Force as required by the country's conscription requirements and has posted in the past in support of IDF during the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman - Credit: Warner Bros.

According to the Associated Press, the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon wants to have Wonder Woman banned because it stars Gal Gadot, an Israeli. A Lebanese security official told the Times that a ban would require a recommendation from a six-ministry-member committee, noting that such a process has not yet started.

The Arab News reached out to a cinema chain in Lebanon and a representative from the chain (on the condition of anonymity) alleged that a premier screening of the movie had been planned over the week, pending an official announcement.

Although the country has fewer restrictions on its citizens than some of the other countries in the region, Lebanon routinely censors entertainment "relating to Israel, religion and homosexuality".

But now, the ban has not yet been enforced, and one Lebanese cinema chain has even revealed that a Lebanese premiere is being planned. Religious institutions also have a say in art work with religious references.

"Wonder Woman" has yet to hit theaters in a couple of days, but there are now speculations as to what the sequel will look like.

The movie is set to release in India on the same day as Priyanka Chopra's Hollywood debut, Baywatch, ie June 2. Wonder Woman provided a great "re-kickstart" of DCEU films ahead of the upcoming Justice League movie.

The Israeli actress appeared in reprisals of the Fast and Furious, none of them were banned in Lebanon.

The movie already triggered controversy past year when the character of Wonder Woman was chosen as an honorary United Nations ambassador to fight for gender equality.

Gal Gadot easily leads the cast as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, Gadot makes the character amusing, engaged and engaging, and although it would be easy for Gadot to make the humour in the film feel cheap, tacky or at her character's expense, there is a careful balance created with the character that never makes her the butt of the joke, but also allows her sincerity to be acceptable.

  • Salvatore Jensen