GOP Congressional Candidate Leaves Dem Opponent Literally Speechless With This Debate Question

Money's been pouring in from around the country, making this the most expensive congressional race in history.

"Voters have a very clear choice: the real Karen Handel or the fake Jon Ossoff", she said.

One can attribute some of this to wishful thinking, but considering that early voting began this week at a time when President Trump's favorability was cratering, his signature health-care bill had zero chance of passing, his European trip was being widely panned and Russian Federation news was dropping daily, Republicans have plenty of reason to be nervous.

Federal minimum wage is $7.25, though 29 states and many cities have higher minimums.

Handel is the state's former secretary of state. In the special election held on April 18, Ossoff received 48.1 percent of the vote, but fell short of the majority needed to win the seat outright.

As Trump did, Ossoff is trying to capitalize on being an "outsider", not a "career politician".

The two candidates meet in a June 20 special election in Georgia's 6th Congressional District.

Both candidates have rejected the idea that the race is a referendum on President Donald Trump, but national issues dominated the debate.

It is of concern to the voters of the 6th district that you do not live in our community. But he generally avoids mentioning Trump directly. He issued a statement last week condemning the President's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, followed up by a press email calling out Handel for not immediately publicizing her view on the consequential move.

On Tuesday night, Ossoff and Handel and faced off in a locally televised debate.

Ossoff raised eyebrows with ads touting his five years as a national security staffer.

Ossoff paused for several seconds before asking, "Is that the question?"

"I prefer to think about what I'm running for", Ossoff replied.

Ossoff countered by repeatedly declaring he'll "work with anyone in Washington" as "an independent voice".

Progressives for months have seen the Georgia race as their best opportunity to rebuke Trump. "Everyone's looking for national implications, but all politics is local".

"If you're Jon Ossoff, you're already getting the benefit of being anti-Trump", Lake said, adding that it makes sense for Ossoff to "reap the benefits but not have to make it a defining theme of your campaign so that you don't alienate people that you don't need to alienate".

Handel said she does not support a livable age, but supports an economy with lower taxes that would allow for small businesses that would be "dramatically hurt" by increasing wages to continue to do what they should be. She has worked to tie Ossoff to Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. While I was born in Washington, D.C., I've been in Georgia nearly as long as you've even been alive. She did not embrace Trump during the campaign, but took a congratulatory call from him and said she would accept a visit to the White House.

Watch the painful clip above, via WSB-TV 2 Atlanta.

During the debate, Handel pushed back by saying she had been instructed to develop options for disengaging from Planned Parenthood.

  • Leroy Wright