General Election: Labour continuing to close gap on Tories new poll shows

However, Theresa May's personal approval rating has become negative for the first time since she became prime minister in July 2016, a fresh ComRes poll showed on Saturday.

With less than a week before polling day on Thursday, May's Conservatives now lead the opposition Labour Party by just five percentage points, down from 15 just over two weeks ago, according to the survey from Ipsos MORI.

One man accused the Labour leader of speaking with the IRA "when they were killing our people - our women and children".

Audience member Jack Rouse was loudly applauded as he asked Mr Corbyn the question during BBC's Question Time.

Corbyn said it was "a shame" that he and May were questioned separately in the 90-minute broadcast, after the prime minister had declined a one-on-one debate.

This week she refused to take part in a TV debate and pulled out of interviews, sending Amber Rudd and Justine Greening to take her place.

The PM said while she recognised the job nurses do "we have had to take some hard choices across the public sector in relation to public sector pay restraint" and that "we will put more money into the NHS, but there isn't a magic money tree that we can shake that suddenly provides for everything that people want". Our manifesto is a serious, well thought-out document, that I believe is getting a lot of support and people are getting very excited at the idea of how we can do things differently'.

Jeremy Corbyn will not appear at a high-profile NHS rally in Carlisle today as national campaigning has been suspended in the wake of the terror attack in London which claimed the lives of six innocent people. "Your entire manifesto has holes in it, and everyone else can see that".

She said social care would be capped over a person's lifetime, but would not reveal the level.

"That's what I think is important in an election campaign - not politicians arguing amongst each other, but actually listening and taking questions from voters".

"If we did use it, millions are going to die". "I am confident that I will be acquitted", he said.

"If you are to bring about a peace process anywhere. there has to be a coming together". "Clearly this is a shocking decision by the CPS, given that I've done nothing wrong and I am confident that this will be made very clear as the matter progresses".

"I would sign a letter with any other leader that would deplore that, straight away".

One audience member asked if he would 'allow North Korea or some idiot in Iran to bomb us and then say "we'd better start talking"'. He said: "I do find it incredibly concerning that you wouldn't commit to doing that - it's our safety that you have to look out for first and foremost".

Although she repeated her assertion that no deal would be better than a bad deal on Brexit, she appeared to accept that negotiations on Britain's future relationship with the European Union could not begin until "sufficient progress" is made on the divorce settlement.

Page said that Labour's share of the vote included many younger voters who had not voted before.

  • Leroy Wright