General Election: All to play for as voters go to the polls

Glassey said the leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, pressing the issue of independence in the run-up to the election showed she was out of touch.

Sturgeon demanded a second independence ballot in March, arguing that the Brexit result changed the rules of the game.

She told BBC Scotland: "This has been a disaster for Theresa May".

Approval ratings for the party leaders indicate Mrs May is more unpopular in Scotland than Mr Corbyn, with the former scoring a satisfaction rating of -32 and the latter -5.

Without Davidson, Scotland could have been dragged down the path towards independence.

For the SNP's opponents, Sturgeon's "compromise" would be just as bad as independence.

The Conservative message appears to be resonating in some parts of Scotland, particularly along the border with England and in the rural Highlands.

In seats across Scotland, she says it is only Labour that can beat the SNP - and it is only Labour that can defeat the Tories across the United Kingdom and form the next government.

Unhappy with May's tough stance on Brexit negotiations, Sturgeon in March announced that the Scottish government would seek authority to hold a second independence referendum before Britain is set to leave the European Union in 2019.

Labour would win six seats, up from one in 2015, while the Tories would win seven and the Lib Dems three.

The SNP leader spoke to a rally of several hundred people in Leith, to the north of Scotland's capital of Edinburgh, on the final day of campaigning ahead of a general election where her party is expected to lose a handful of seats.

Davidson said it was the first time in over two decades that Tories in Scotland had returned multiple members of parliament to Westminster.

Scotland delivered the only good news for a Conservative Party that lost its overall majority in the British parliament.

The MSP urged Labour voters who care about the Union not to give their backing to Jeremy Corbyn's party, after he said he would begin discussions with the Scottish Government about another referendum if he became Prime Minister.

Speaking as the SNP's deputy leader lost his Moray seat to Conservative challenger Douglas Ross, Robertson said that he had "noticed some sensitivity with Angus Robertson" on the campaign trail.

She said Labour were more "ambiguous" on independence.

Meanwhile, Scottish Tories have come back from the wilderness, building on their success in local council elections last month, where they doubled their vote from 2012, and beat Labour to slide into second place.

Also helping Davidson has been the Labour Party's continued flip-flops on the union question.

Dugdale told AFP: "We've been very clear that we don't support a progressive alliance with the SNP because we don't accept that they're progressive".

After his defeat, he added: "I will not be the leader of the third political party in the House of Commons".

  • Leroy Wright