Federal Grand Jury Indicts Accused NSA Leaker Reality Winner

Reality Winner was taken into custody in Augusta last weekend by federal marshals and charged with mailing classified information to a news organization - the online news organization, The Intercept.

The 25-year-old entered a not-guilty plea. Victor was not one of the employees who were classified as "need to know" for the document. "I would think someone who is trying to do this in a more espionage type, I am going to be spy capacity would take more caution in trying to cover their tracks", said McCrillis.

The Justice Department announced her arrest Monday as The Intercept reported that it had obtained a classified report suggesting Russian hackers attacked a USA voting software supplier days before last year's presidential election.

The Justice Department has declined to comment on the case beyond its filing.

Whoever gave the documents to the NSA for verification was only performing due diligence in making sure victor or someone else didn't manufacture the documents and that they were authentic. "She doesn't deserve that", Winner's mother told WSB-TV.

In affidavits filed with the court, special Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Justin Garrick said the government was notified of the leaked report by the news outlet that received it.

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Winner-Davis and her husband said they have spoken to Winner by telephone since her arrest and saw her briefly at a hearing Monday. Tor is a software that hides browsing activity and allows for anonymous communication on the internet.

Reality Winner, a 25-year-old National Security Agency contractor who is also an Air Force veteran, was being held in Lincoln County, Ga.

Victor also used #NotMyPresident in her posts.

Victor has been charged with "gathering, transmitting or losing defense information", says The Washington Post.

Victor also told her mother she feared for her life and the life of her pets, and asked her mother to "play up that angle", Solari alleged.

Among them the non-disclosure agreement she's accused of breaking.

In February, she began working Pluribus International Corporation.

The FBI said unauthorized disclosure of the secret document "could reasonably result in exceptionally grave damage to the national security", though the government has not alleged that victor sought to share the report with foreign agents. Because Winner mentioned "documents" ― rather than a single document ― investigators are now looking into whether she has other classified information, Solari said.

Victor reportedly graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio in 2011. Solari told the court.

"My biggest fear in all of this, is that she's not going to get a fair trial", her mother Billie Winner-Davis said Tuesday in a CNN interview. A further audit of the six individuals' desk computers revealed that victor had e-mail contact with the News Outlet. "And that's who Reality Winner is.

She is scared that they won't let her out", said mother Billie-Jean Davis, according to CBS.

Her mother has said victor was a specialist in Pashto, Farsi and Dari, languages spoken in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.

United States intelligence agencies including the NSA and Central Intelligence Agency have fallen victim to several thefts of classified material in recent years, often at the hands of a federal contractor. "I don't know what she did when she went to work".

  • Leroy Wright