Donald Trump Outlines Infrastructure Plan: 'It's Time to Rebuild Our Country'

And President Trump says it's all part of an example of a promise that he says previous administrations have made to have a safe, reliable and modern infrastructure that just hasn't been met.

But the controversies and distractions in Washington continued to dog the president throughout the day.

While infrastructure was initially seen as an area where Republican and Democrats could work together, Democrats have balked at Trump's plans for financing improvements, arguing they would result in taxpayer-funded corporate profits, with costs offloaded on consumers. It's time to rebuild our country, to bring back our jobs, to restore our dreams.

At a panel hosted by the Business Roundtable on Wednesday, Cordish said the problem wasn't a lack of government funding for worker training but ineffective programs.

In his remarks running over 20 minutes, Trump veered to health care, saying "we must repeal and replace Obamacare", and complained about Democratic members of Congress refusing to sign onto his infrastructure initiative.

Trump called on Democrats to support his infrastructure plan, but he then quickly went after them for opposing his agenda - in particular, the GOP's proposal to overhaul health care.

Speaking in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump reviewed a proposal announced earlier this year to leverage $200 billion in his budget proposal into a $1 trillion of projects to privatise the air traffic control system, strengthen rural infrastructure and fix bridges, roads and waterways.

"We have to be creative", she said. Trump has denied the allegations and called the Russian Federation story "fake news". Trump has brushed aside such worries in favor of the potential economic boosts from environmental deregulation on numerous occasions, most recently with last week's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.

Two of the "victims" who appeared alongside President Trump talked to "Fox & Friends" this morning.

USA inland waterways are critical routes for transporting agricultural products, but officials say they've grown old and run-down. AP writer Bruce Schreiner contributed to this report from Louisville, Kentucky.

By coincidence, Trump spoke in the same city - Cincinnati - and used the same backdrop - barges on the Ohio River - that Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue did a month ago when he announced a reorganization of USDA. Shown are PlayCare co-owner Rays Whalen, left, and CSS Distribution Group President Dan Withrow and their families.

"President Trump will spur growth and investment in infrastructure by dramatically reducing permitting time for projects from 10 years to 2 years and slashing regulations to speed up the decision making process", the White House statement said. He reportedly gave his speech in OH, along the state's namesake river with barges of coal in the background. The president planned to travel to OH on June 7 to address ways of improving levees, dams and locks along inland waterways that are crucial to agricultural exports.

President Donald Trump smiles as he arrives for rally at the Rivertowne Marina, Wednesday, June 7, 2017, in Cincinnati.

  • Zachary Reyes