Celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday at Manchester's Zimmerman House

Though Frank Lloyd Wright designed many private residences throughout the United States, there is just one in New York City: the Crimson Beech on Staten Island, part of the architect's line of prefabricated homes produced by Marshall Erdman & Associates. Rather, Unpacking is structured more like an anthology, with items placed alongside works from outside collections, for the sake of contextualizing Wright within the larger canon. These sites include: Taliesin West, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Darwin Martin House, the Marin County Civic, Center, the Price Tower, the Monona Terrace, and the Rosenbaum House.

With hundreds of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings completed around the nation, there's no way to visit every single one of them without having to pay a pretty penny.

The David and Gladys Wright House is considered one of Wright's late career masterworks, said Victor Sidy, the architect in charge of the home's renovation.

But not everyone was sold on the idea - neighbors complained it would generate excessive traffic in the well-heeled residential Arcadia area where the house is located.

Museum Educator Ann Bible says some of those tours will allow guests to enjoy live music inside the Zimmerman House - as Wright intended.

He said he hopes the donation will engage the community and continue the school's mission.

The school's students now split their time between a Wright house in Wisconsin and another in the Scottsdale suburb of Phoenix. Rawling restored the house and then chose to give it to the school.

  • Salvatore Jensen