Apple to launch powerful iMac Pro in December

iMac delivers powerful performance for 3D graphics, video editing and gaming, and with macOS High Sierra coming this fall, iMac becomes a great platform for virtual reality content creation.

All of the new MacBooks will also include faster SSDs, while the 15-inch MacBook Pro will feature a faster graphics card. And the new MacBook will feature up to 1.3GHz Core i7 with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz and up to 50 percent faster SSD.

"This will be our fastest and most powerful Mac ever, which brings workstation-class computing to iMac for the first time", said Apple VP of Hardware Engineering John Ternus in a prepared statement.

In addition to this, the iPhone maker has updated its 13-inch MacBook Air with a 1.8GHz processor.

The refreshed models will come with Intel's Kaby Lake processors with twice as much memory support. Apple gives a sneak peak of iMac Pro features and it's just breathtaking.

It'll push high-end graphics processor with the AMD Radeon Vega graphics chip, with 11 teraflops of single precision and 22 teraflops of half precision compute power. Performance wise, Apple claims the iMac Pro is more powerful than the existing Mac Pro and ships with an 8-core Xeon processor. Termus teased the audience with the power of the new thermal architecture - a Dual-centrifugal fan solution which generates significantly more airflow than traditional iMac, an increase of 80% in cooling capacity.

As mentioned earlier, this iMac Pro monster which will come out by December will have (at least) three versions. For the iMac, significant upgrades have been announced for the basic 21.5 and 27 inch models. It features AMD's Radeon Pro Vega GPU, the most advanced to ever be used in a Mac.

Featuring a new next-generation computer core and up to 16GB of on-package high-bandwidth memory (HBM2), iMac Pro with the Vega GPU delivers up to an unbelievable 11 Teraflops of single precision compute power for real-time 3D rendering and immersive, high-frame rate VR. The new iMacs also are getting two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, making it Apple's first desktop computer to embrace the port standard. According to MacRumors Buyer's Guide, it had been 221 days since updating the MacBook Pro, 412 days since updating the MacBook, and a staggering 601 days since updating the iMac.

  • Arturo Norris