New raids, 'several' arrests over London attack

The photos of the two Daesh terrorists, Khuram Shazad Butt and Rachid Redouane were shared on the Twitter account of the Metropolitan police.

Khuram Shazad Butt was a 27-year-old Pakistani-born Briton known to authorities, according to a statement issued by London police. Redouane also is said to have used another identity, that of Rachid Elkhdar.

Assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said Butt was known to the security services, but there was no evidence of "attack planning" by him.

The footage was shot by the broadcaster in January 2014, nine months before Dhar was arrested by counter-terrorism police.

Both named men were from the east London suburb of Barking, where police raids began following the attacks on Saturday night.

In the assault, three masked men drove a van into pedestrians on the bridge before jumping out and stabbing people at random, police said.

The trio, wearing fake suicide bomb vests, were shot dead by eight officers outside a pub after police opened fire with an "unprecedented" hail of 50 bullets.

She was one of seven people who were killed by the van or in the knife attacks that followed; more than 20 others are still in critical condition.

Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to crack down on extremist content online, warning the public: "We cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are".

The attack left 48 injured, of whom 29 were still in hospital on Wednesday. Thirty-four people have died and around 200 injured in the three attacks since March.

As her family reflects on her life, they - and we - know Archibald did more good for the world with her compassion than her killers could ever do with their cruelty.

The 12 people arrested on Sunday in connection with the investigation have been released without charge, police said today. The National Health Service told Reuters Monday that "a total of 36. patients (are) now being cared for in five London hospitals, and of these 18 remain in a critical condition".

"We have given increased powers to the police to be able to deal with terrorists - powers which Jeremy Corbyn has boasted he has always opposed", she said.

After hearing his friend express support for Islamic State, the concerned man rang an anti-terror hotline and passed on his suspicions - but says his tip-off was not followed up.

"And that day I realised that I need to contact the authorities", he said.

Between 2009-2016, the number of police officers fell by nearly 20,000, or around 14 percent, according to the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies think tank.

'They have been taken into custody at a south London police station and are detained under the Terrorism Act'.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave a short speech decrying the attackers who had brought carnage to the capital.

  • Zachary Reyes