Los Angeles police shoot, kill man who had toy gun

A Los Angeles police officer was injured Tuesday night while responding to a shooting call in Wilmington, where one suspect was dead and a second was in custody, authorities said.

However, only a toy gun was recovered from the scene, investigators said.

His fellow officers say even they were surprised by Booker's skills.

"Believing this may be the suspect from the radio call, they directed their attention toward him; at that time there was an officer-involved shooting", the department said in the statement. The suspect fell on the ground and was then pinned underneath an officer's patrol vehicle when it was moved forward during the situation.

Details of the confrontation haven't been released but it ended with officers firing several shots.

One officer suffered an unspecified injury and was treated at a hospital.

Police Chief Charlie Beck and the Board of Police Commissioners will review the investigation to determine whether the use of deadly force complied with the department's standards, LAPD said.

  • Larry Hoffman