Legal experts say Trump comments inappropriate, maybe worse

Comey is set to testify before the Senate Intelligence committee Thursday. Three were in person and six on the phone. According to legal analysts, that looks like the President was giving him an ultimatum to stop the investigation.

Comey acknowledged that Trump never directly said the Federal Bureau of Investigation should drop the probe into Flynn.

Among the encounters Comey describes is a January 27 dinner at the White House that he viewed as an attempt by the president to "create some sort of patronage relationship". It is certain to heighten the drama surrounding Russia's meddling in the USA democratic process.

"It's a big no-no not just for presidents of the United States, but for leaders of corporations also", Suri said. Trump and the Kremlin have separately denied any collusion.

During their dinner on January 27, Trump asked Comey for loyalty, to which Comey pledged honesty. Mr. Comey writes that he was expecting to arrive at a dinner party, but was surprised to discover he and the President were dining alone.

"I don't think it's wrong to ask for loyalty from anybody in an administration", Burr said.

Democrats compared the testimony to the Watergate scandal, when president Richard Nixon, facing impeachment for obstruction of justice, was forced to resign in 1973.

-How often did Trump and Comey communicate with each other before he was sacked? Comey said he paused, and said: "You will get that from me", although Comey said it was possible he and Trump "understood the phrase "honest loyalty" differently".

Trump allegedly told Comey that Flynn had done nothing inappropriate in his contacts with Russian officials.

Comey: "Not to my understanding, no".

Mr. Comey says Mr. Trump again raised the subject of Russian Federation on February 14.

The former FBI director will likely face questioning about his termination, the investigation into Russia's meddling in the US election and encounters he had with Trump.

In parallel, the Senate and House Intelligence Committees are leading their own probes, and a number of key former Trump aides as well as his son-in-law Jared Kushner have been asked for, or subpoenaed to provide, information and testimony.

Comey's testimony will also confirm claims President Trump made while firing Comey, that the FBI director told him on several occasions that he was not personally under investigation.

In remarks posted on the website of the committee, Comey, recounting his conversation with Trump, said the president went on to say about Flynn, "He is a good guy".

Comey then reminded lawmakers that Trump claimed on Twitter that their private Oval Office conversation might have been recorded. "He's a good guy".

A Republican senator, Idaho's James Risch, suggested Trump's comments - in which he expressed a "hope" that Comey could let Flynn slide - were benign.

March 30 ("Duty to Correct"): In a phone call, James Comey reassures President Trump that he is not personally under investigation, but can not make a statement to this effect because, if that were to change, he would then have to correct this statement.

After Comey was sacked, Trump denied news reports that he sought to get the FBI to drop the investigation.

Sources told ABC News that the firing came as a surprise to Comey.

Comey called it an "awkward" moment and said he felt uncomfortable.

  • Zachary Reyes