Late-Night Calls & 'Romantic' Rendezvous: Andrea Constand Cross-Examined

Months later, Cosby reportedly left four tickets for Constand and her family to attend one of his shows.

Bill Cosby is accompanied by actress Sheila Frazier (l.) and Frazier's husband, John Atchison, a celebrity hairstylist.

Both were more restrained in their reactions to her testimony than they were on Tuesday, when Cosby smiled at some of the more emotional points of her testimony and McMonagle shook his head and mouthed the word "Wow" when she spoke of one of the times Cosby allegedly came onto her and she rebuffed him.

Constand has never spoken about her encounter with Cosby because the terms of the civil settlement she reached with him in 2006 barred either of them from doing so. "I just wanted to go home", she said, according to NBC News.

Constand has yet to take the stand against Cosby, and the comedian himself is not expected to testify.

When asked why she continued to meet with Cosby after the incident, Constand replied, "I wasn't scared of somebody making a pass at me".

"No, I was not", said Constand, who held firm and maintained her composure in the face of a withering cross-examination for the second straight day in Cosby's sexual assault trial. There are a hundred possible reasons, one of which Constand got at in her testimony: She'd been betrayed by an admired friend and wanted answers.

Agrusa suggested Cosby asked her to join the line because she would confirm that their sexual activity was consensual.

Leaving his home later, she said she did not initially report the alleged assault out of loyalty to the basketball team she managed, of which Cosby was a trustee. She said she felt his hand in her vagina and he placed her hand on his penis.

Constand described Cosby as someone who she thought was a "Temple friend, somebody I trusted, a mentor, and somewhat of an older figure to me".

Later, the defense laid into Constand over several late-night phone calls made to Sherry Williams, Andrea's supposed former girlfriend.

The defense asked her why she had called Cosby 53 times after the alleged assault, to which Constand said they were about the women's basketball team and often during a tournament period, and that "it had more to do with business than it did with me personally".

As he became more flirtatious and suggestive over time, Constand said, his actions evolved, including once grabbing her thigh and later attempting to unbutton her trousers.

"I was frozen.The next thing I recall is putting my two feet on the ground and feeling my (bra) around my neck", she testified.

"Ma'am I was mistaken, it was 2002", Constand said.

Miller also said that no transcript was prepared for that day of testimony, owing to its "sensitive nature", which explains why the details don't feature in deposition reports. You know, Cosby in the - or sorry, Andrea Constand in the early 2000s worked for a women's basketball program at Temple University in Philadelphia. "I said, 'What do I do?' He said, 'Swallow them down.' I said, 'I trust you, ' and I swallowed them down". She passed out, she told the court, and when she came to, Cosby was groping her breasts and genitals. The fear of social stigma and accusations of lying have in part caused Cosby's alleged victims to stay silent for years.

"I felt really humiliated and I was really confused", she said. Agrusa also said records showed 72 calls between Cosby and Constand in the year between the incident and the call to police. Defense attorney Brian McMonagle argued she was sacked because she was dating clients, and questioned her as to why the allegations against Cosby didn't factor into reports on her claim.

  • Salvatore Jensen