Lamar Odom's Daughter Calls Her Father's Marriage To Khloe Kardashian "Toxic"

"Things were a lot more public", the teenager told the magazine.

Destiny Odom, 18, said her first thought upon hearing her father was unconscious in the hospital after overdosing in a Las Vegas brothel was that he was going to die.

She added: "There were regular snide comments at school".

She says it became "humiliating" after her father's battle with drug addiction became public.

In a preview for the upcoming season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the Revenge Body host admitted she had "faked tried" to get pregnant when she was still with her ex-husband.

Destiny Odom thinks dad Lamar Odom's marriage to Khloe Kardashian was "toxic".

"Things changed when my dad married Khloe".

Lamar Odom's daughter, Destiny, is speaking out about what it's been like to have her father go through so much trauma in the very public eye.

"I wouldn't say it was a matter of my dad loving Khloe more than me", Destiny said to People.

Lamar's ex-wife Liza Morales also talked to People explaining that the athlete's cocaine problem began when his National Basketball Association career took off in the late 90s.

"I was married, but I knew the circumstances weren't the healthiest", she told her fertility doctor.

When the couple lost their son Jayden to sudden infant death syndrome in 2006, Lamar's drug-use spiraled, eventually leading to the couple splitting up. "So, I just kept pretending I was doing it".

But this video isn't really about Khloe goss (there's plenty of that everywhere else on the internet), it's about Lamar's ever-improving relationship with his family.

"We had an intervention with close family friends", she said.

At the time he was estranged from Khloe, who rushed to his bedside and stuck with him throughout his recovery.

One year on Khloe again filed for divorce with Lamar revealing on TV his hopes to win Kim Kardashian's younger sister back.

  • Salvatore Jensen