Fisker reveals first photos of his upcoming all-electric 'EMotion' vehicle

Fisker's patented frontal crash structure exceeds current standards to protect all occupants.

Company founder Henrik Fisker and the design team were inspired by the world of racing to add distinct design elements.

The electric sedan should hold a total charge good enough for a range of 400 miles and a maximum speed of 161 miles per hour.

Fisker EMotion has been created to accommodate an advanced high-energy density, patent-pending battery pack and cooling system. The EMotion also rides on ultra-light carbon fiber and aluminum wheels, developed in conjunction with Dymag, reduce rotational mass by 40% - giving the EMotion a longer driving range. It even includes patented fast charging technology that can provide 100 miles of range in nine minutes of charging.

Fisker did announce a deal with the Hybrid Shop, a Santa Monica-based EV maintenance and fix company, to provide "a one-of-a-kind, white glove concierge service" for EMotion owners. It also gets a low hood line "surrounded by sculptural front fenders and a tapered green house with large sculptural rear fenders". "The front end's bright aluminum centerpiece houses a LIDAR system behind a tinted screen". The EMotion will be serviced through The Hybrid Shop (THS), a joint venture between Fisker Inc. and THS. More details about the vehicle are going to be revealed later this month.

Fisker revealed that the front grill features integrated LIDAR technology and thanks to built-in cameras in the side mirrors, drivers will get a 360-degree panoramic view of the vehicle. Following initial renderings, Fisker took to social media to drop the first real photos: cropped shots of the nose, rear, and doors.

The company is taking a different route than the former Fisker Automotive's network of existing auto dealers around the country. Customers can place orders through the website and "forthcoming experience centers".

  • Arturo Norris