Deja vu: Illinois' legislative session to end without a state budget

As the IL state budget impasse entered its third year on Wednesday, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and democratic legislators who control the house once again have not come to a consensus on a state spending bill.

House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, said Democrats will be in "continuous session" over the summer to negotiate a deal. That's because starting Thursday, passing a budget will require at least some Republican votes to reach the three-fifths benchmark now required.

For the third straight year, the Democratic-controlled General Assembly and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner have been unable to come to an agreement on a full-year state budget.

Rauner has said he wants a permanent property tax freeze as part of a state budget.

IL lawmakers are sharing some of their thoughts after having adjourned their regular session without approving a budget once again.

When those talks broke down, Senate Democrats chose to go it mostly alone, passing the bills they say they negotiated with Rauner and the Republcans. "Told the Republicans to vote no and didn't give the support and the same thing happened in the House and as a result we don't have a budget", State Senate President John Cullerton (D) said.

"Seniors will continue to lose meals on wheels and in-home care", said the Responsible Budget Coalition in a statement emailed to Chicagoist. "It must end now".

The state budget impasse has exceeded 23 months, and a special session on the budget could take place in the coming weeks. I'm deeply disappointed that this willingness is not shared by the governor. The governor talks about a property tax freeze, and I've gone even further, voting to cut taxes on all IL homeowners. Koehler said. He added, "We passed their bill and they didn't have to vote for it, I just don't get it". To date, the governor has refused to meet. "Our desire is to work cooperatively with the governor", Madigan said.

House Bill 1785, a measure to modernize IL law allowing people to change the gender marker on their birth certificate, passed the Senate Wednesday night 32-22.

With a few hours to go on Wednesday evening, Sen. We should be negotiating the final terms [of a budget].

"While we have made progress on some issues, the people of this state deserve much more". "Once again, a tragic failure to serve the people of IL".

"The battle is obviously not over just because we sat in the state house", Brown said. "Zero minority party input to it". We don't have any funding for higher-ed. "But the speaker controls time and controls movement". "Today, we've seen a complete dereliction of duty by the majority in the general assembly", he said.

For more than two years, the main political divide in Springfield has been between Democrats and Republicans. In addition, he said the state already owes school districts about $1.1 billion. "I apologized to the superintendents I talked to".

Chicago Democratic Rep. Greg Harris is Madigan's budget negotiator.

The proposal, sprung from months of bipartisan Senate negotiation, called for a $37.3 billion budget fueled by $5.4 billion in tax increases.

  • Larry Hoffman