Cyclone Mora - All you need to know about weather forecast

The Meteorological Department on Monday said that Cyclone Mora which will be hitting Bangladesh by tomorrow morning is not expected to bring any immediate danger to India.

Some of the Rohingyas said there had been no attempt to evacuate the undocumented refugees, but the authorities said the camps were not evacuated as they were located in hilly areas which were unlikely to be inundated by storm surge.

Almost 300,000 people have been evacuated from southern coastal areas of Bangladesh as a cyclone dubbed Mora was forecast to make landfall on Tuesday, authorities here said.

Cyclone Mora hit the Bangladesh coast with strong winds travelling up to 117 km per hour.

Mostofa said there were no reports of casualties in Bangladesh so far.

Omar Farukh, a community leader in Kutapalong refugee camp, said conditions were dire: "Now we're in the open air".

Many Bangladesh coasts have been battered by ferocious winds with speed up to 135 kph, which uprooted trees and homes, ripped roofs off buildings and caused widespread power and water outages.

Up to a million people are facing evacuation in Bangladesh after a powerful cyclone made landfall in the southeastern coastal region. They had initially planned to make one million people leave their villages.

Cyclone Mora swept through Bangladesh on Wednesday, sweeping away thousands of primitive huts that numerous Rohingya Muslim refugees were living in.

A cyclone named Mora struck the island of Teknaf and Saint Martin in the coastal Bangladeshi district of Cox's Bazar.

More than 1,000 shelters have been set up for evacuees, government officials told the Associated Press, and more than 20,000 volunteers were ready to aid people moving from the at-risk areas.

The cyclone formed after monsoon rains triggered floods and landslides in Sri Lanka, off India's southern tip, killing at least 180 people in recent days.

He also said, "Search and rescue for more survivors is drastically hampered due to prevailing rough weather in the area".

  • Leroy Wright