Apple updates MacBooks with processor and SSD improvements

Speaking of the non-pro laptop, Apple says, "With thin and light designs, powerful performance, fantastic displays and all-day battery life, Mac notebooks deliver the world's best portable computing experience".

An eye-catching feature - literally - are Apples best displays, ever! Dont be - the iMac Pro (8-core Xeon, Vega GPU, 1TB SSD) starts at $5,000.

There's also updates to the "standard" iMac range.

Apple also introduced updates to iMacs. The base model 21.5-inch iMac will start at $1099, while the 4K model has been dropped to $1,299.

The new line of refreshed MacBooks and MacBook Pros are here. You can also configure the top-of-the-line 27-inch iMac with a 2 TB SSD for a whopping $1400. The Retina 4K 21.5 inch iMac variant, on the other hand, features up to 4GB of either Radeon Pro 555 or Radeon 560 depending upon the configuration. The arrival of the new iMac Pro desktop is very convenient in terms of timing, specs, and its features, since Microsoft just released iMac and MacBook competitors under the name of Surface Studio and Surface Laptop, respectively. The 13-inch version starts at $1,299, the same price as the 2015 MacBook. You can now get up to 32GB RAM on 21.5-inch models and 64GB on 27-inch models, though be prepared to pay through the nose for the experience. You must be pleased to know that with the Kaby Lake processors in place, the new MacBook Pro lineup is about 20 percent better than the 2016 models, based on Geekbench 4 results.

The new iMac Pro is targeted towards specific set of people, so it doesn't really matter to Apple if the PC market is declining. I/O options include four Thunderbolt ports, which means you could power two external 5K displays and two RAID storage arrays at the same time, assuming you need that much storage and screen real estate. Apple claimed that a comparable workstation would cost about $7000, without a 5K display. It has designed an "innovative thermal architecture that gives iMac Pro 80 per cent more cooling capacity", so you can enjoy the extreme performance in a slim iMac design.

Will You Buy The New iMac Pro? The iMac Pro is a hardcore computer and not for just an average user. At least until a new Mac Pro makes its debut, and many of those who live and die by the teraflop won't want to wait.

  • Carolyn Briggs