Apple shows the iPad some love with iOS 11

This was announced during the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California.

The company also updated its desktop operating system, called High Sierra, which it says sees its Safari search engine perform 80% faster than Chrome. While the focus may shift towards Siri integration by the time the HomePod is released later this year, for now it seems as if Apple will be competing with the like of Sonos and Bose first and with Google and Amazon second.

If it feels like Apple's two new iPad Pros don't bring enough hardware upgrades and design revisions to the table, it's paramount to remember how iOS 11 takes a "monumental leap" for the productivity of these large-screened mobile devices before predicting their doom. Apple will now surface notable in-app content in the main sections throughout the App Store and promote it just like an app or notable update (as pictured above).

Finally, Apple has launched a new dedicated developer page created to help app creators get their apps featured in the newly redesigned App Store. However, iPhones will get a lot of new features, too. Apple is leaning into artificial intelligence (AI) with improved machine learning and on-device learning aimed at making Siri more predictive and proactive.

#5 Apple didn't mention this Monday but I found a screen-record feature. Microsoft. As the new iPad shifts towards an experience that feels more like a MacBook, the novelty of an ultra versatile Surface Pro might be lost. That should help Apple reposition the iPad as a work device capable of carrying out all the usual functionality users want from their laptops. The good part about the feature is that it not only organises files on your iPad and iPhone but also those in apps, in iCloud and in Dropbox. The newest iOS will now provide something much closer to true multitasking capabilities, offering the ability to drag-and-drop assets, such as images and text, from one app to another.

Apple has introduced the new interface for the control center.

Apple has added augmented reality smarts to its iOS 11 operating system that will allow developers to create fantastic, world-warping experiences.

From June 2018, all new apps submitted to the Mac app store will need to support 64-bit, and from June 2018 updates to existing apps must also be 64-bit compatible. The OS includes a number of other storage-saving features, including an "auto delete old conversations" feature that will remove data in the Messages app that's more than a year old.

  • Zachary Reyes