Apple helped United Kingdom law enforcement investigate terrorist attacks

I can not speak in detail on that.

Cook believes that any new, low-rate federal tax on US capital held overseas should be mandatory for all companies and that the proceeds should be used to upgrade USA infrastructure, Bloomberg reports.

"In cases where we have information and they've gone through the lawful process we don't just pass it over, but we do it very, very promptly", he said.

Cook, however, did not reveal which attack (or attacks) he was referring to.

Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on repatriation during a June 5 interview with Bloomberg's Emily Chang. Metadata usually refers to information describing a message, like the time it was sent for example, rather than the content of the message itself. Cook further stated that encryption works differently than you might think as there is some scope for building the profile of an individual using metadata - not the exact info but some of it.

The most recent terrorist attack in the United Kingdom - the third in less than three months - has made it hard for technology companies to defend their products and services from violent extremists.

Seven people were killed and 48 injured when three attackers ploughed a van into pedestrians before stabbing punters at nearby bars and restaurants in London Bridge on Saturday night. The news that Apple is assisting United Kingdom law enforcement is not surprising but comes at a pivotal time.

Although he couldn't share specific details, Cook said that Apple has passed "valuable information" to the police.

Last year, Apple clashed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the issue of encryption, particularly regarding the iPhone of one of the shooters in the San Bernardino tragedy of December 2015. Even in the App Store, apps that support hate speech or recruiting are not published, the executive said. "So we're very vigilant on what happens from that point of view".

  • Carolyn Briggs